Terms of Service nopaperwork.org

The Terms of Service define the conditions of use of the nopaperwork.org Service, the rights and obligations of Users and the rights and obligations of the Service Provider. The User of the Service declares to full understanding and accept this terms.


  1. Terms of Service - This document setting out the terms of nopaperwork.org and the use of Service offered in its range of functionality.
  2. Service - website located at http://nopaperwork.org which contain Service resource and Functionalities.
  3. Service resources - data entered by the User to the Service.
  4. Functionalities - all the services provided by nopaperwork.org.
  5. User - subject with at least limited capacity to perform acts in law, consisting Order specifying the terms of the Agreement, pursuant to which the parties shall be obliged to benefits under the Agreement.
  6. Service Provider - Fractal Soft Ltd, company provide functionalities and resources of Service


  1. The Service enables users to manage invoices and orders by the Internet.
  2. Access to the Service are only Users who correctly passed the registration process.
  3. The registration process consist of two steps. The first user will be prompted to enter the e-mail address and password, and then data on economic activity.
  4. Using the Service is payable according to chosen pricing plan.
  5. Free plan is default pricing plan and it is set automatically after registration.

Privacy Policy

  1. Data entered by Users in the process of registration and other funcionalities are used only by the nopaperwork.org
  2. Data are stored indefinite and shall be disclosed only by persons authorized to manage Service.
  3. Collected data might be used to generate statistic to help manage Service.

Technical Requirements

  1. In order to ensure proper operation of Service, User needs to install the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera or IE web browser with the recommendation that they are the latest stable versions of these browsers.

Final Provisions

  1. Service Provider is not responsible for any content presented on the page entered by the User.
  2. Service Provider reserves the right to change these regulations.
  3. Changes in the regulations will apply with the publishing of the new terms of Service.